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The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in all learning activities in universities being diverted into online learning activities. Then, there is no obligation for students to remain in the overseas to study.

Data from 2019 there are about 123.445 students studied in various university in Malang. Most of these students are from out of town and live in kost (boarding houses) around the campus. Then right after pandemic started, majority of the students are coming back to their hometown. Some of them return without bringing all their belongings, some of the stuff just left behind in their kost. At the beginning they did not expect this pandemic would be so long, that’s why many of students didn’t bring all their stuff back home and still paying monthly/yearly for their “kamar kost”.

The number of empty rooms ‘caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is a potential business that can be utilized by offering services to move students’ goods from their kost, to be sent back to their hometowns.


Helping students who cannot come to Malang, to pack and deliver their stuff from the kost back to their hometown with Pindahin — Kemas dan Kirim service.

My Role

End to end design process from researching, designing user interface, until create and testing the prototype.

Design Process

The design process I took.

#1. Empathize

Problem Assumption

Students have difficulty returning to Malang to pack and bring back their stuff from their kost.

User Interview

First step to get understanding if there is any problem faced by students from outside Malang when they want to get their stuff from kost. I find out by doing user interview 🧐

For this study case, user interview was conducted to 3 students of Brawijaya University, class of 2016, 2017 and 2018 who come from outside the city of Malang to find out if they experienced any obstacles when going to pack their stuff from kost during this pandemic. The interview conducted through instant messaging app.

The result is:

#2. Define

The result from user interview validate that there are some students facing difficulties to get their stuff back from their kost in Malang. The difficulties mentioned below 👇

Pain Points

  1. Rapid Antigen Test Requirement when Traveling
    Students facing difficulties to get their stuff from kost, because in this pandemic traveling can be a bit tricky because Rapid Antigen test are mandatory if someone wants to go to the other city with public transport. Also doing Rapid Antigen test is cost at least 250.000 rupiah, a decent amount to pay for a students.
  2. Cost Constraints
    Also in this current economic situation, people considering to be more wiser when spending their money. To spend amount of money for round trip ticket, then spend another money to do rapid antigen test and also to dealing with packing and bring their packed stuff to their hometown it’s exhausting to do.
  3. Parental Permission
    The number of active cases in East Java and Malang is currently in high level. No wonder some parents don’t allow their children to return to Malang, even just for grab some stuff left behind in their kost.
  4. Simply Don’t Have Spare Time
    Some students don’t have time to get their stuff back from kost because they are busy working on their thesis, internship or part time work.

User Persona

For Pindahin app, the persona is identical with our interviewees that I ask earlier.

User persona for guiding design process.

#3. Ideation

User Flow

On this user flow, I focused on our primary service that is “kemas dan kirim” or pack and send. In this feature, user can use our service to pack all their stuff in the kost and then send the stuff back to their hometown with any delivery service they choose.

User flow for our primary service, kemas dan kirim.

Information Architecture

I also created an information architecture to describe the structure of the app, to make it easier when creating the prototypes.

Information architecture from Pindahin.

#4. Prototype


When I finished making user flow and information architecture, I continue to create a wireframe for multiple pages that I need. I made the wireframe using Whimsical.

Wireframe for hompage, detil pesanan, pengiriman & pembayaran, and lastly order page.

Visual Identity

For this app, I choose blue as main color. Blue is often seen as a sign of reliability, it’s corresponding with our vision to be a reliable kost moving service.

For typeface, I use Poppins because it’s simple, clean, and also easy to read 👍

Is it too late to join Poppins hype train?

User Interface Design

For the user interface design process in this app, here are all the steps I did.

  • First, I sought design inspiration from similar app that offering similar service like Gojek with Gobox service.
  • For this project I using iOS 14 UI Kit from Joey Banks (Figma Community) and also using Feather Icons and Unicons Library from Aycan Doganlar (Figma Community).
  • And then with previously established visual identity, i began to create components and combined them to make completed usable screen.
  • And then, ta.. da.. here is the some result of the user interface design process 👇
Some result of the user interface design process ✨

#5. Usability Testing

To complete the design process steps, I’ve doing some testing with the prototype to the same three interviewees. The test conducted with Figma prototype and then I ask about what they think via instant messaging app.

And there is some takeaways:

  • The app is simple, easy to understand.
  • The main concern is still about the pricing, they hope there is no added charge in behind.
  • One of interviewees wondering if Pindahin had a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) when working.
  • There is question asking about ‘Person In Charge” and what is he/she doing?
  • They hope there is more payment method (especially with e-wallet e.g. Gopay/OVO/Dana) and having more option for delivery service.

Result 💥

User flow from homepage to input order page.

“Kemas dan Kirim” feature offer all in one service from packing up your stuff in kost and to send it up back to your hometown.

  • For using this services, first users must specify a schedule to carry out packaging work.
  • Then, users also need to provide the address of their kost.
  • Next, the user can enter a list of items to be pack and sent back to his hometown. Also, user can add detail about each stuff and also if they had request for specific items that need to be handle with care.
User flow from order detail to payment confirmation, and ended to the order status page.
  • After the user enters a list of goods that will be packed, then the user must fill the delivery address.
  • Then choose the delivery service to be used.
  • Last, select a payment method and confirm the payment.
  • Then the user just needs to wait for the package of their stuff to come to their doorstep.
  • To keep on eye of the progress from Pindahin team, user can check via “Order” navbar on homepage. There is also ‘Person In Charge’ who is responsible as liaison officer for the customer and Pindahin team.
  • Soooo with “kemas dan kirim” feature, can solved all pain points that mentioned earlier.

Clickable Prototype 📱

To feel the full experience of the Pindahin app, here I attach the clickable prototype below 👇

If you encounter a problem, you can use this alternative.


Pindahin have goal to help students who cannot come to Malang, to pack and send their stuff from kost back to their hometown with an affordable price points.

With Pindahin app, I can offer a service that can eliminate all pain points that occur when students want to take their stuffs back from their “kamar kost”.

What I’ve got to do better

With this study case many things still need to be improved and developed, such as:

  • Increase the number of interviewees, to enrich the amount of findings during empathize process.
  • Digging more deeply at research phase, find more variety of ideas, user flow and solutions during the ideation process.
  • Explore more user interface styles during the prototyping process.
  • I’ve been estimating to finish this case study in 3 weeks, but turns out it taking almost 1 month to finish it 😶

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this case study 🙏

Credit & Resource

iOS 14 UI Kit — Joey Banks
Feather Icons and Unicons Library — Aycan Doganlar


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